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Client Testimonials

Hair Loss Treatment Testimonials
I had lived with a bad hair transplant for 12 years you have probably seen one before my hairline was solid like a dolls head I was wearing a baseball hat every day I couldn't go anywhere with my wife like to a restaurant that didn't allow baseball hats. I was convinced I would live with this for the rest of my life. On seeing Hair Loss Control Clinic advertisements I was doubtful they could do anything for me because of my past experiences with hair loss companies. On seeing Niall's hair I was really impressed if not envious of his results I was advised that 2 procedures would correct my disaster and true to their word I was completely transformed.
Paul T., Belfast
My initial consultation was relaxed and informative, the procedure was accurately described to me and all my questions were answered honestly. I felt at no time under pressure to proceed. I had done extensive research before hand and had even met with surgeons in Dublin and London. When I met Niall at HLCC I was immediately impressed not only by his professionalism but the results he himself had achieved on asking to see further results from clients I was given the option of coming back when a past client would be available. This alone gave me the confidence that they had nothing to hide, his result was equally amazing. My procedure itself was very relaxed not in the slightest bit uncomfortable I was in work the following day. My result true to word is incredible and I have been told there is still more hair to come through.
Steven H., Monaghan
A short note on my experience of having a recent transplant procedure through HLCC, just touching new growing hair is an amazing thing when I thought it was gone forever. Truly amazing result I can see exactly how my hairline is going to be.
Tony R., Belfast
The difficulty I had when researching options for my hair loss was proof that these procedures actually work. Most of the hair loss hair replacement clinics I spoke to throughout Ireland could not supply me with patients or client as they had supposedly helped and to my disappointment the few clients I was provided with gave me only disappointment of their abilities to deliver satisfactory results. Meeting Niall at HLCC allowed me to see a finished result that I thought would have been impossible to achieve but in seeing Niall's hair across from me gave me confidence to proceed. Amazing Result.
Dermott K., Dublin
I was 24, nervous and not sure this was the right thing to do when I first considered Hair Loss Control Clinic. 5 years since my procedure I still feel it was the best thing I have done for my confidence, career and social life.
Alistair B., Belfast
Niall had asked me if I would write a few words on the success of my procedure and to be honest guys the only way I would believe the success of this procedure is to see the results for myself I would happily make myself available.
D. McMurray, Belfast
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