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Niall's Personal Journey

There is never a good time or age to start losing your hair, but at 23 it happened to me.

Coming into my twenties I was a confident guy but as the hair began to fall so did my confidence. I didn't notice my hair loss at first probably because it was so gradual, but the day one of my colleagues mentioned I was 'Thinning on Top' panic set in.

I started on my journey to find a solution to the receding hairline and naively took to spending money on hopeless products which of course promised everything but delivered nothing.

I was sending away for information on every advert on the television or on the back page of the papers in relation to hair loss. I spoke to surgeons, salesmen infact anyone who I thought may have something to offer me. They didn't.

What I did get was educated.

My own experience of hair loss has now been resolved. I choose a carefully planned avenue to restore the hair I had lost and retain the hair I had.

I'm now in the position to pass on the benefit of my own experience and the best possible hair treatments through my own consultancy Hair Loss Control Clinic.

Nialls Interview about Hair Loss in Ireland on TV3

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