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Female Hair Loss Types

Although less common than male baldness. Many women can experience thinning hair and complete loss of hair particulary on the crown area. Recognising the type of hair loss you have is the first step to determining the right treatment plan — our hair consultants will be able to give you more advice and help you understand your particular type of hair loss. To allow you to initially determine what classification of hair loss you may have please take a look at the illustrations below.

All the classifications of hairloss shown below are able to be treated using a variety of our affordable hair regrowth, replacement and transplant procedures. Contact us today to arrange your free conultation.

Hair loss Class 1Hair Loss Class 2Hair Loss Class 3

  • Type 1 female baldness is the least severe with thinning on the top of the head.
  • Type 2 hair loss in women is more significant with areas of the scalp showing through thinning hair.
  • Type 3 patients may completely lose hair on the crown of the head. In this case, more donor hair will be required to obtain full coverage.
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